World News – AU – Bridal face masks and « unplugged » big days are going to be big wedding trends for 2021


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Last month, a survey found that 71% of couples who should get married in 2020 have postponed their weddings until 2021 or 2022.

However, it’s likely that – when couples are finally able to walk down the aisle – their wedding will look a little different than it did before the pandemic.

In fact, experts believe the coronavirus will have an impact on how we celebrate big days in the near future.

This includes bridal face masks that are designed to complement the groom’s wedding dress or suit.

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Talk to Metro. co. Great Britain, prestigious wedding venue Ash Barton Estate believes they will be « an important part of wedding ceremonies » – not just for the couple but also for the community.

In fact, they are likely to become keepsakes for the bridal party and guests to be kept for posterity.

It is their versatility that makes them a popular feature that they explain, noting, “They can be personalized with embroidered names or to match the color and design of your wedding theme. ”

Additionally, over the past few years, many have lamented the increased presence of phones during the most important moments of a couple’s big day – like exchanging rings, cutting the cake, and the first dance.

Ash Barton Estate, however, suggests that the pandemic has reminded people of the importance of absorbing those special moments in real life when you can.

The coronavirus, they explain, has « taught us to value our time with family and loved ones ». .

They believe that because of this, many will opt for the big no-plug days when they ban technology.

This will lead to more couples asking guests “not to use their cell phones, or at least not to touch other people’s phones.

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“A professional photographer is there to take photos and guests are simply asked to be there and enjoy the moment. ”

Until a vaccine arrives, however, weddings can still be a little risky to contain the pandemic.

Earlier this year, a study found that scientists found that large family gatherings can turn into « super-spreader events. ». .

They warn that allowing ten to 30 people to gather indoors could be enough for just one person carrying the virus to infect ten others.

Such social events are all the more problematic as it is difficult to determine which people have been in contact with one another compared to people who meet regularly at work.

Fulham manager Scott Parker said his team had a problem with the penalty shoot-out but refused to blame winger Ivan Cavaleiro for missing one in Sunday’s 3-2 home Premier League loss to Everton would have. The 27-year-old Cavaleiro, who took over his kick duties after Ademola Lookman’s poor performance in the defeat at West Ham United last time and Aleksandar Mitrovic’s miss earlier this season, slipped and sent his kick over the in the second half bar. Fulham have missed five of their last eight league penalty kicks and Parker suggested there might be a makeover to take charge of Portuguese striker Cavaleiro.

President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration will be a scaled-down version of the usual traditions that will not endanger the health of Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic, a top adviser said on Sunday. « I think it definitely needs to be changed, » said the new White House chief of staff Ron Klain. « Obviously this is not going to be the same type of initiation that we have had in the past. « 

Ronald Jones may be the least-announced component of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ starry offense success, but the third straight year is also one of the most important. While Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski are attracting far more attention as playmakers available to Tom Brady, Jones is proving his worth as one of the NFL’s leading rushers in Week 11.

President Donald Trump railed against the Paris climate agreement on Sunday and told world leaders at a virtual summit that the agreement was intended to cripple the U.. S.. . Economy, not save the planet. « To protect American workers, I have withdrawn the United States from the unfair and unilateral Paris Climate Agreement, a very unfair act for the United States, » Trump said in a White House video statement on the Group of 20 Summit that was organized by Saudi Arabia. President-elect Joe Biden, who will take office in January, has announced that he will rejoin the U’s global pact. S.. . helped to forge five years ago.

«. The Hammers’ record signing just before the hour only scored his second top goal of the season to claim a first win at Bramall Lane in 52 years. The result not only continued West Ham’s encouraging form but also ensured that Sheffield United still only scored one point after nine games in 2020/21 as they continue to have big problems in their second season at the top level to have.

The Hammers resumed their encouraging Premier League run on Bramall Lane this afternoon. David Moyes’ side won 1-0 in South Yorkshire after a thundering second-half goal from Sebastien Haller – only his second in the top division of the season and the first for West Ham from outside the box. Commanding Declan Rice, Oli McBurnie and David McGoldrick hit the wood during an entertaining encounter, while Tomas Soucek and Jarrod Bowen were also guilty of missing great scoring opportunities.

The richest countries in the world are under increasing pressure to avoid possible loan defaults in developing countries.

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and PayPal Holdings (NASDAQ: PYPL) are two of the 100 most popular stocks for Robinhood investors. Amazon continues to grow as the demand for e-commerce has increased this year. PayPal’s payment platform is benefiting from an increase in digital payments and online sales.

The heads of state and government of the 20 largest economies vowed on Sunday that they would spare no effort to make COVID-19 drugs, tests and vaccines available inexpensively and fairly to « everyone ». The coronavirus pandemic and the prospect of an uneven and uncertain economic recovery were the focus of a two-day summit chaired by Saudi Arabia that will hand over the G20 presidency to Italy next month. « The COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented impact on lost lives, livelihoods and affected economies is an unprecedented shock that has exposed vulnerabilities in our preparedness and response and underscored our shared challenges, » the final statement read.

David Moyes says West Ham can finally start going to the table after two years of relegation. The Hammers’ win at Sheffield United, which brought two wins and goals against on either side of the international break, put the Hammers in eighth place in the Premier League table. Moyes’ side play with renewed confidence and stability after making the move to the previous three, and the former Manchester United and Everton manager has credited the squad for buying into his plans and changing their fortunes.

The Cabinet Office said the UK government – along with the decentralized administrations – had advocated a common goal of introducing a temporary amnesty on budget mix restrictions to allow for « limited extra bubbling ». . It comes after Boris Johnson virtually met with Cabinet on Sunday to sign the « Covid Winter Plan, » which calls for a return to a tougher version of regionally tiered measures if England’s lockdown on Jan.. December ends.

Most of the conspiracy theories surrounding President John F.. . Kennedy’s murder has been refuted. Kennedy was not killed by a gas-powered device triggered by aliens or by Woody Harrelson’s father. But speculation about Kennedy’s Nov. . 22, 1963 The Dallas murder continues, fueled by unpublished classified information, bizarre ballistics, and the allegation of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, who was later killed on live television in police custody, that he was « just a patsy. ». Several JFK assassination experts, such as former New York Times investigative reporter Phillip Shenon, see Mexico as the best place to find answers to possible conspiracies and who is behind them. Just over a month before Kennedy’s murder, Oswald took a bus from Texas to Mexico City. He came Friday morning, Sept.. . Left 27, 1963 and very early on Wednesday October. 2, according to American and Mexican intelligence agencies. Was Oswald some kind of James Bond villain who went south of the border to team up with communists, Cuban revolutionaries, and spies – or just a crazy murderer? I got into this question when researching my book on conspiracy tales in Mexico, and I think I found something that everyone else missed: a hole in the story of the man who shared a persistent conspiracy theory about Oswald’s trip to Mexico put up. Mexico was in the mid-20th. Century a hot spot of the Cold War, a haven for Soviet exiles, American leftists who fled the anti-communist persecution of McCarthyism, and sympathizers of the Cuban Castro regime. Every communist and democratic country had an embassy in Mexico City – the only place in the western hemisphere where these enemies lived more or less openly together. According to witnesses from the Cuban and Soviet diplomatic missions, Oswald visited their embassies repeatedly on Friday and Saturday. He was desperately looking for visas for those countries that Americans were not allowed to visit. When Oswald said that such documents would take months to process, he got into a heated argument with the Cuban consul Emilio Azcué. Oswald also forced a KGB volleyball game to be canceled on Saturday morning when he brandished a gun at the Soviet consulate before bursting into tears and leaving. These events are well documented by the CIA, which by the 1960s stepped up its Mexico surveillance operations for Communist activities and hired as many as 200 Mexican agents to help. The Mexican secret service, whose files from the 1960s were recently released in Mexico, also followed Oswald in September. 27 and Sept. . 28, 1963. However, Oswald’s whereabouts for the next three and a half days are unknown. A major conspiracy over Oswald’s undocumented time in Mexico City puts him in contact with dangerous Mexicans on the left of the Cold War. This story originated in March 1967 when the American consul in the Mexican coastal city of Tampico, Benjamin Ruyle, was buying drinks for local journalists. One of them – Óscar Contreras Lartigue, a 28-year-old reporter from El Sol de Tampico – told Ruyle that he met Oswald in 1963 when he was a law student at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Contreras said he was on a pro-Castro campus group and Oswald asked that group for help in getting a Cuban visa. According to Contreras, Oswald spent two days with these students from the National Autonomous University and met them again a few days later at the Cuban embassy. Contreras was obviously afraid for his life and wasn’t going to tell Ruyle much more. He said he himself traveled to Cuba, knew people in the Castro regime and blew up a statue of a former Mexican president on campus in Mexico City. Contreras feared persecution because of his political activities. However, Contreras said this wasn’t the first time he had told his story. After JFK was shot, Contreras told Ruyle he commented to his editor that he had recently met Oswald. CIA espionage hunters knew Lee Harvey Oswald was in Dallas before JFK’s report on AssassinationContreras pointed to suspicious, previously unknown links between Oswald and Communist Cuba established shortly before JFK’s assassination. His story was, according to a memo later sent by CIA headquarters, “the first solid investigative lead we have regarding Oswald’s activities in Mexico. « U. . S.. . Government officials had to find out if Contreras was a trustworthy source. Three months after Ruyle’s happy hour, a CIA official from Mexico City went to Tampico to question Contreras. During the six-hour interrogation, Contreras still refused to go into details, but said Oswald never mentioned the assassination – only that he repeatedly said he had to “go to Cuba. In 1978 a researcher from the U. . S.. . The House Select Assassination Commission named Dan Hardway went to Mexico to investigate the JFK assassination. He was unable to interview Contreras despite several attempts, but warned in an influential report that his account should not be fired. The New York Times reporter Shenon, who interviewed Oscar Contreras for a book about the 2013 JFK assassination, also found Contreras credible. Shenon wrote that Contreras – whom he describes as a « prominent journalist » – « went much further » in her interview than he did with the CIA, claiming « far more extensive contacts between Oswald and Cuban agents in Mexico ». Dan Hardway, now a lawyer in West Virginia, still believes in Contreras. After reading Shenon’s book, he reiterated in 2015 that Lee Harvey Oswald may have been part of a wider Cuban intelligence network. Óscar Contreras died in 2016, so I couldn’t interview him myself. In my research, one minute detail of his biography caught my attention – a seemingly overlooked contradiction that could undermine his entire story. In Contreras’ tale, he fled the National Autonomous University campus and moved to Tampico around 1964. But Contreras also reportedly told his « editor » about his encounter with Oswald after the 1963 Kennedy assassination attempt. College newspapers are not common in Mexico, and Contreras was a law student. How could he have had an editor in 1963? I thought his local newspaper, El Sol de Tampico, might have the answer. Rummaging through the archives, I found that the newspaper had a Sunday gossip column called « Crisol » or « Melting Pot » in the early 1960s. Óscar Contreras was born on 6. June 1963 reporter for « Crisol » and continued to write the gossip column in September and October of that year. While Lee Harvey Oswald was in Mexico City, Contreras was 300 miles away in Tampico. In flamboyant prose, faded editions of the local newspaper show, he recorded the sumptuous wedding receptions, quinceañeras, and yacht excursions of Tampico’s high society. What Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother told me I believe the Sol de Tampico archives discredit Contereras’ report. A political correspondent can live a long way from the place where his newspaper is published. But for a gossip columnist that would be a breach of duty. This revelation plunged Oswald’s trip to Mexico back into darkness in the fall of 1963. There are other conspiracy theories, including that Oswald had a Mexican mistress who brought him to a party of communists and spies. It is more likely, however, that Mexico has no hidden references to the JFK murder. Conspiracy theories offer guarantees of depth and closure, a promise that the greatest mystery of the 20th century will be solved. Century is solvable. For all we know about what Oswald did and didn’t do in Mexico City, he was a volatile, disorganized loner who couldn’t even handle travel logistics. The attack on JFK is a cold case. And in Mexico there are only exhausted leads left. Gonzalo Soltero is Professor of Narrative Analysis at the School of Higher Studies at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

The British government last week appointed an officer with a troubling track record of attacking basic human rights to its independent official surveillance group that, among other things, monitors and « protects » LGBT rights.

Despite warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an increasing number of Americans are getting on airplanes not to travel for Thanksgiving. On Friday 1. 019. 836 passengers in the U. . S.. . , 1. According to daily figures from the Transportation Security Administration, 5 million fewer than the same day in 2019. Last week the CDC warned against celebrating the upcoming holiday with people outside the household, stating that the « safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to celebrate at home with the people you live with. « 

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World news – AU – Bridal face masks and « unplugged » big days will be big wedding trends for 2021



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