World news – Canada drops to top performing passport rankings


The Canadian passport lost some of its power over international mobility in 2021, and the global pandemic is largely to blame.

The San Jose Sharks striker has nothing for a career profit of over $ 50 million The morning after defeating the Phoenix Suns, the Wizards canceled Tuesday’s practice « out of caution » after two players were included in the league’s health and safety protocols.

The general absence The availability of tests and vaccinations is why MLB reportedly does not require fans to get either of them before entering a ballpark.

Fans stood shoulder to shoulder in and out of Tuscaloosa bars for Monday’s championship game To track.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the NBA is also experiencing a blowout epidemic. One can only wonder if the two are related. In the first three weeks of this NBA season, games become outliers far more than usual. Maybe it’s because there aren’t any fans in most arenas, maybe it’s because the teams are tired of playing with a little less calm than they’ve done in recent years, or maybe because the pressures of one COVID-19 world weigh heavily on gamers. It’s probably a combination of all of that and more. But the numbers are pretty overwhelming too: the average profit margin in the NBA, currently around 12.3 points per game, is well on the way to being the largest in league history. And the rate of teams increasing by 30 points or more – that’s the case in 20% of games played to date – is beating the norm even in this 3-point wild, faster era of NBA game. « This is going to be the craziest NBA season ever, » said Brooklyn coach Steve Nash. « We’ve already seen some incredible results and curiosities, so I think the only thing that’s important is just to be adaptable and keep working on things and learning as much as anything but exercise through your games. » Last season one NBA team took over 30 points ahead of the other 10% of the time. In the previous season (2018-19) this rate was 11%. In the previous year, 9% of Milwaukee had played 11 games and had 30 points ahead in four of them. The Bucks were only 25 points ahead of Orlando on Monday. The Los Angeles Clippers have played 11 games; They are at least 20 points ahead or behind in eight of them, including the biggest deficit in the NBA this season – 57 points against Dallas on December 27th. The only teams in the NBA that weren’t at the top 20 points left this season? Chicago, Minnesota, Oklahoma City and Sacramento. The only team that hasn’t dropped by 20? Indiana. Every other team has been in a very, very deep hole at least once this season – and Pacers Guard Malcolm Brogdon isn’t shy of calling first-year coach Nate Bjorkgren great. Say this much for Bjorkgren: He’s had the Pacers in every game, no small thing this era. « I think this organization has been sleeping for years, » Brogdon said last month. « I think it’s time people woke up. » It’s not that there were just blowouts every night this season. Monday was the 20th day of the season. Of those days, nine have decided multiple games with three or fewer points, most recently a pair of such games on Sunday. One extreme exception, however, was the five-game showcase line-up on Christmas Day – where the next final margin was 13 points. This marked the first time since 2006 that the NBA had no single-digit games for Christmas, and it must be noted that Miami’s 16-point win over the Los Angeles Lakers that year was the only game on the December 25th schedule . And games have tightened a bit in the last few days; In the week of December 29 through January 4, 15 of the 56 NBA games had a team 30 points clear, and in the week that followed and ended Monday, only eight of 53 games were that clear at that point. Maybe this is a sign that the teams are in better shape, a real possibility after a shortened training camp and a shortened preseason. « If you keep that competitive spirit, it will spread throughout the group, » said Patty Mills, guardian of San Antonio. « It’s contagious. » Who knows where the scoring will go in the next days and weeks amid the pandemic that has forced the NBA to postpone games scheduled for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The ripple effects of the contact tracing results will be felt in Dallas, Miami, and other cities for at least the next few days. As Nash said, the craziest NBA season ever is waiting on the scoreboards and waiting. And it’s just getting started. ___ Tim Reynolds is a national basketball writer for The Associated Press. Write to him at treynolds (at) ___ More AP NBA: and Reynolds, The Associated Press

Fans are allowed for the first time since Be back in Augusta National for the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, albeit in limited numbers.

Dan Wetzel and Pete Thamel from Yahoo Sports and Pat Forde from Sports Illustrated discuss the amazing achievement of DeVonta Smith, the Alabama superstar in the first half of the college football playoffs national championship game and whether he has the potential to be one of the greats the broad receiving position.

Canadian John Metchie III had more than just defending the Ohio on Monday night Overcome State Buckeyes.
Metchie III had eight catches for 81 yards in Alabama’s 52:24 win over Ohio State in the NCAA football championship game. Tide head coach Nick Saban said Tuesday that Metchie III, a second recipient who grew up in Brampton, Ontario, had an ankle injury for the entire second half of the season.
« It was very difficult for him to practice, » Saban said during a video conference. « He actually didn’t practice a game for all of the drills we had for this last game, except walkthroughs and a little bit of individual work (work). Then he goes out and plays very well in the game.
« I think it shows a lot of competitive strength on his part, a lot of grit, a lot of determination and a lot of mental strength to be able to do what he’s done. »
The six-foot-one, 190-pound Metchie III finished the season as the Alabama’s runner-up receiver with 55 receptions for 916 yards (16.7 yard average) with six TDs in 13 games. Metchie III. Said he grew up in Canada after the competition and dreamed of playing in a national championship game, but the reality of winning everything is hard to fathom.
« So it’s surreal to finally be able to play in one and win one. » he said. « It’s something that is difficult to describe.
« (The) most exciting moment of the game, it was definitely the end, definitely the confetti. I was finally able to say that we are national champions and that we were unbeaten (13-0). It was a long road so I think that it was the best moment in the game for me.  »
Metchie III certainly made a unique journey to the glory of American college football. He was born in Taiwan, moved to Ghana at a young age and grew up in Brampton before moving to the United States to attend high school.
On Monday night, he became the first Canadian to play in an NCAA championship squad since 2003, when Vancouver offensive lineman Peter Dyakowski was suitable for LSU before moving to CFL. This was also the first of Saban’s seven national crowns, the last six coming to Alabama.
Alabama took control of the competition early on Monday with its powerful attack and stormed to a 35-17 lead at halftime. DeVonta Smith, the first recipient to win the Heisman Trophy for College Football Outstanding Player since 1991, entered halftime with 12 catches for 215 yards before exiting the competition on the third with a dislocated finger.
With the NCAA granting an additional year for athletes’ fall eligibility due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Alabama could reciprocate its entire offense next season. But that’s highly unlikely, given that Smith, Najee Harris and offensive linemen Deonte Brown, Alex Leatherwood and Landon Dickerson could attract NFL attention and junior recipient Jaylen Waddle could sign up for the draft as well.
And then there is offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, the former CFL quarterback who will now focus entirely on being the head coach in Texas.
« Every year is a new year, every year is a new challenge, » said Saban. « You like this game for a minute, but we also know that there will be a lot of challenges in the future.
« In this day and age (with) the way your squad can move, you don’t really know what it’s going to be like now. People go to the draft, some change players, so we just have to take one day in, day out, but this process starts immediately. We will go through the off-season program as best we can, we will go through spring training when we have spring training and we will keep trying to recruit the best we can and hopefully we will get back to normal here soon.  »
As a starter in a national championship squad, Metchie III will take the lead for Alabama next fall. Saban said the lessons Metchie III has learned this season and the adversity he has overcome will serve him well.
« I think his production and performance will kind of confirm that next year because the guy is a very talented guy, » said Saban. « He’s a hard worker and he cares. »
Metchie III repeatedly stated this season that the culture in Alabama is to compete on a daily basis and always play at a high level, elements he wants to advance.
« We have really high demands on ourselves, so we have to meet or exceed them, » he said. « In the future, what this program means and what this program does will continue to build, and it will only be possible to return to that point. »
And while some might argue about whether this is Alabama’s most talented team, Saban said it is hands down the closest team he has coached.
« This was kind of the ultimate team, » said Saban. « These guys were like a high school team in terms of how they got along, how they supported each other, how they played together, how they overcame adversity.
« It is very difficult to go undefeated, it is very difficult to deal with success, but whatever the challenge for this team was, they did it. Everyone did what we asked them to do on a daily basis . (There was) never.  » I think we all had the opportunity to connect with them. I will remember this as a very special group.  »
Metchie III agreed.
« I think they are a great team, » he said. « Just our ability to fight through adversity, personal adversity, team adversity, to come together, to be able to get down to the basics of football and just keep going. »
« I love this team and I really think this is a really, really great team. »
This report from The Canadian Press was first published on January 12, 2021.

Dan Ralph, the Canadian Press

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The Washington Wizards say two of their players are on the list of health – and NBA security protocols are available. This is the latest in a wave of bad news related to the coronavirus pandemic for the league over the past few days.They beat the Phoenix Suns Monday night and are due to host Utah Jazz on Wednesday night. The wizards did not identify the two players. Based on the latest information from teams, although the numbers can change quickly, it appears at least 36 players in the NBA kicking in on Tuesday are facing a virus problem. These issues include players having to sit down because contact tracing data showed they may have been exposed to someone who is positive about COVID-19. « We have a tough time with COVID, » said Philadelphia coach Doc Rivers after his exhausted team lost in Atlanta on Monday night. “We can’t do much with it. I have a creeping feeling that there will be many teams with this problem. « The NBA Board of Governors was due to meet on Tuesday to review the latest virus issues in the league. The league’s general managers met on Monday, as did the National Basketball Players Association. Miami was preparing, with no eight players on Tuesday playing in Philadelphia due to virus issues and subsequent contact tracing, a heat issue after playing in Washington on Saturday night.Boston’s Chicago game on Tuesday was canceled due to virus issues, as was the game Dallas-New Orleans on Monday and the Heat Celtics matchup in Boston on Sunday. General managers discussed Monday’s squad size increase and stiffening protocols for player interaction such as post-game handshakes and hugs, said a person familiar with the discussion. The GMs also discussed advocating even more social distancing and masked clothing, said the person who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because details of the conversations were not made public. NBA commissioner Adam Silver warned ahead of the season that pandemic problems were « inevitable » but the league has also said in recent days that suspending the game is not currently being considered. The league said Thursday that four out of 498 players in the league had new positive tests for testing in the previous seven days. This number is expected to be updated later this week .___ More AP NBA: and Reynolds, The Associated Press

LONDON – Fulham Manager Scott Parker struck the Premier League on Tuesday for rearranging his side’s game against Tottenham with just two days’ notice. The decision is « scandalous ». Tottenham were scheduled to play Aston Villa on Wednesday but the game was postponed on Monday at Villa’s request because 10 of their players tested positive for the coronavirus last week. The Premier League also announced that Tottenham would play Fulham instead that same night, with the game originally scheduled for December 30 being postponed following a coronavirus outbreak, Parker said that the possibility that his team was playing on the penultimate Place in the league, could face Tottenham on Wednesday, was increased at the weekend, but the final decision was not forwarded to the club until Monday morning « I’m usually the last one to moan or whine about something because I know that it’s difficult out there and it is, but what happened to us (are you? nfair), ”said Parker. “To also confirm a Premier League game – this is the Premier League, one of the best leagues in the world – to confirm that it is really scandalous on Monday morning at 9:30 am, to be honest. It’s not about the device. The device is fine. I accept that we have to play. But it’s the clue. “Fulham played Queens Park Rangers in the FA Cup on Saturday – the game went into overtime, Fulham won 2-0 – and Parker said his selection for that game might have changed if the Tottenham game had already taken place Confirmed . He said he might have fine-tuned his training schedule as well: “We work with our players on the weekend and think that you have six or seven days before your next game to update or do (things) work. That changed quickly on Monday morning, « said Parker, » and for me it’s really insane. “Parker strongly disagreed with comments from Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho that the biggest impact was that games were postponed and the delayed notification wasn’t unfair because the decision to postpone the game on December 30th was just hours before kick-off was hit: « In terms of the game being canceled 48 hours before or two hours before the game, it really is irrelevant, » said Parker. « It’s a disappointment that you canceled a game and I understand that. » But calling a game with 48 hours notice is (unfair). Look, I don’t want to go into Jose, but I think he’s going to know too well that you plan structures, you plan physical elements for players. Tottenham knew they had this game, as Jose’s team selection over the weekend (against eighth division Marine) suggested. He’s likely scheduled for the next few games, however many games he has, and of course he has a lot of games. « Parker asked if a game between two of the top Premier League teams would be postponed this late. » Probably not, « he said. » This is unacceptable to me. « Villa’s request to the Premier League had to be received and signed before Fulham could be contacted, and confirmation was only possible on Monday after everyone had been affected by the rescheduling Clubs and broadcasters had been consulted. Fulham was a signatory in September of a number of guiding principles contained in the League’s Handbook. One of these states: « Clubs must accept changes to normal conditions and schedules to ensure the completion of the competition. » More AP soccer: and Associated Press

Chicago Blackhawks coach Jeremy Colliton agreed to a two-year contract extension on the eve of his third season the team too.
Colliton is 62-58-17 years old since he replaced Joel Quenneville in November 2018 and became the 38th coach in franchise history. He led Chicago into the postseason last year, winning a four-game series against Edmonton before being eliminated by Vegas.
Colliton’s renewal runs through the 2022-23 season. The Blackhawks open this season on Colliton’s 36th birthday on Wednesday at Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay.
« Jeremy has shown an innate ability to develop young talent in both of his two seasons as the Chicago Blackhawks head coach, » said Stan Bowman, president of Hockey Operations, in a press release. « Combined with his extensive knowledge of the game, exceptional communication skills and determination to win, we are extremely confident that Jeremy has what it takes to bring our team back to elite levels while we continue to build a squad, that can keep up year after year and year after year.  »
Colliton was training at Rockford in the American Hockey League when he got the job at Chicago. He also played in the NHL and appeared in 57 games with the New York Islanders.
Jay Cohen can be reached at
More AP NHL: and

Jay Cohen, The Associated Press

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The 2020 college football season may have just ended, but it is never too early to look to the year 2021.

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Wild season? Same playoffs. The Alabama Crimson Tide ended that crooked 2020 season with a 52-24 demolition for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Was this the best tide team ever? Sports Illustrated’s Dan Wetzel, Pete Thamel, and Pat Forde take an instant response to your listening pleasure. Remember … FCS football kicks off in a month and the Yahoo Sports College podcast doesn’t have an off-season.



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