World news – Giant lizard creates chaos in the supermarket


A video that goes viral online shows a giant monitor lizard knocking down products and creating havoc in a supermarket. The hair-raising footage was filmed at a 7 Eleven outlet in Thailand and originally shared on Twitter by Thai travel agency Mundo Nomada on Wednesday afternoon.

In the incredible video, the giant reptile was seen crawling up a number of shelves in the store while at it knocked down a number of objects. In the background, horrified customers could be heard screaming and laughing as the giant lizard climbed up. After arriving at the top, she paused while viewers continued filming the unusual sight.

Although the video shared by Mundo Nomada on Wednesday was deleted, a re-post of the same clip is over 6 million views went massively viral.

However, others found humor in the situation, with one viewer saying that the lizard just wanted some « snacks on the top shelf » and another wrote that he « should just have waited and asked a member of staff to reaching the high shelf « .

After the video went viral on social media, Mundo Nomada identified the reptile as a monitor lizard in a follow-up tweet. « The animal in the video is an Asian water monitor, » wrote the tour operator. « You can easily find them in Bangkok (for example Lumphini Park) and other parts of Thailand. They often eat carrion. The Thais use the name of this animal as an insult. »

The travel agent also identified the author of the video as Jejene Narumpa who shared the clip on their Facebook account.

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