World news – Giant lizard sweeps the supermarket, wild video goes viral


A massive Asian water monitor startled shoppers after it went on a « King of the Monsters » -like rampage by a 7-Eleven in Bangkok, Thailand. The original video tweet of the incident attracted nearly a million views before it was deleted.

The horrific clip, reposted on Facebook, shows the monster reptile climbing a milk shelf, dropping cardboard boxes, and the Spectators scream in shock.

« The shelves are ruined! Oh my god, « a voice sounds over the reptile intruder who, according to Everything Reptiles, is the second largest lizard in the world after the Komodo dragon with a length of up to 3 meters.

The clip ends with the water monitor resting on the shelf near the ceiling while bystanders laugh in the background.

Fortunately, despite their enormous size, the opportunistic predators do not pose a threat to adult humans; according to experts at the University of Michigan Zoological Museum, they opt for anything from eggs to small mammals to carrion. (However, a dead child was found partially eaten by observers in southern Thailand in May 2020.) « Whenever you’re hungry, visit 7-Eleven, right? » sniffed a social media comedian along the lines of the convenience store chain’s motto.

It is not known why the lizard came to the store in the first place, although some speculate it tried to cope with the humid outside temperatures escape.

This isn’t the first time a monitor lizard has scared people. In 2016, oversized scavengers overran Lumpini Park in Bangkok, damaging the flora and terrifying visitors, the Bangkok Post reported.

Meanwhile, in a now viral clip from a Japanese game show, a monitor was unleashed on female participants, showing strips of meat wore his head.

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