World news – Heavy storms are heading towards the region this afternoon


UPDATE 2:40 p.m .: Severe thunderstorms can cause large hailstones and heavy rainfall, which could lead to flash floods on the northern rivers this afternoon.

According to BoM, Tenterfield, Casino, Kyogle, Tabulam, Nymboida and Ebor, among others, are affected.

The state rescue service advises people:
* Move your car under cover.
* Stay away from streams and storm surges.
* Don’t walk, ride a bike, or go through floods.
* If you are trapped in flash floods, seek refuge in the highest location available and call 000 if you need rescue.
* Note that the runoff of rainfall in fire-affected areas may behave differently and be faster. It can also contain debris such as ash, earth, trees, and rocks.
* After bush fires, heavy rain and loss of foliage can make the ground soft and heavy, leading to a greater chance of landslides.
* Disconnect computers and devices from the mains.
* Avoid using the phone during the storm.
* Stay away from windows and keep children and pets indoors too.
* Stay vigilant and monitor conditions. Note that the landscape may have changed after bush fires.
* For assistance with floods and storms, call the SES (NSW and ACT) on 132 500.

Original story: Thunderstorms could develop on the northern rivers today and be severe, the Bureau of Meteorology warned.

BoM meteorologist Helen Reid said the remains of a trough had continued to hit the region and expected widespread rainfall, as well as possible thunderstorms.

She said it was difficult to predict where the rain would fall, but some areas could take up to 40mm.

Ms. Reid said the effects of La Nina were starting to wear off, but we could still look forward to slightly above average rainfall in the fall months.


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