World news – Oral sex with multiple partners for HPV cancer


According to new research, people with 10 or more oral sex partners are 4.3 times more likely to develop mouth and throat cancer related to human papillomavirus.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University found also found that oral sex at a younger age – and with more partners – also increases the risk of HPV-related cancers.

« Our research is helping patients and doctors answer the question, » Why do I have HPV-related. .. developed cancer? « Study co-author Dr. Virginia Drake told UPI.

 » The risk of infection depends not only on the number of oral sex partners for life, but also on the timing of the oral sex and the type of partner play a role, « said Drake, head and neck surgeon at Johns Hopkins.

In the US, just over 7 percent of all adults aged 18 to suffer, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 69 years of HPV. Approximately 45,000 people – 55 percent of them women – develop HPV-related cancers each year CDC estimates.

The Baltimore hospital team surveyed 163 adults with HPV-related mouth and throat cancer – and 345 without those diseases – to their sexual behavior.

Oral sex as a teenager or teenager increased cancer risk by 80 percent, the researchers said. Starting younger and having more partners increased the risk by 180 percent, they added.

people who Had older sexual partners at a young age, and people with partners who had sex outside of marriage were up to 70 percent more likely to develop the disease, according to the data cited by UPI.

« People with HPV-associated … Cancers have a wide range of sex stories, « Drake said. « As with all sexually transmitted diseases, there is some risk of infection in the presence of new partners, but most people who become infected clear the infection without developing cancer, » she added.

In a statement, she said,  » As the incidence of HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer continues to rise in the US, our study offers a timely assessment of risk factors for this disease.

« We have discovered additional nuances on how and why some people get this cancer, what about it can help identify those at higher risk, « added Drake.

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