World News – UK – Every word Scott Parker said about the penalty kick and Loftus-Cheek’s performance


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I’ll take the positive results of the second half. My main thought right now is of course the first half in terms of the way we approached the game. We were second best in a lot of things. We have proven our quality, taken our noses back in hand 1: 1, but in terms of duels, 50/50 that shaped a football game, the basics of the game, we didn’t do it well enough and ourselves even given a tough job that conceded three goals.

The second half was further improved. We changed it a little bit, but I don’t think that was the main part of me why we played like us. We played the second half just as we did because we did exactly what we missed in the first half to understand the battles.

If you are us, the best teams in the world, this has to be a given. In the first half we missed that at times and that disappoints me. The second half was improved a lot and we showed some quality.

I can’t go into that at the moment. Of course there are individual errors, but not even the individual errors. If we just look at the basics of a soccer game, let’s forget about tactics, good players, let’s just go into a full game and understand first and foremost that you need to win battles. People may look at this and think it’s a basic thing to say. If you play in the Premier League this is your must-see page. . We just came up short. Second half reaction yes, it shouldn’t assume a freak out at half time to get this reaction. This team can produce exactly what we lacked in the first half and we have shown that over the course of the season.

Quality sure, we can cause team problems, we can be successful this year. I know we are definitely a very good team, but sometimes we have shortcomings. It’s a young team with new players and of course the message you need to keep going home and you hope they get it quickly.

Like anything when new players come in to improve and new players have been brilliant. The new players get to know me and know what this year has to be about. Today we sometimes had real dealings with each other. I thought we had the guts and were brave in possession and caused them a lot of problems in the first half, but they can’t be lost. Duels, 50/50, second balls. You can’t consistently miss the basics, and we did in the first half.

The second half consisted of chalk and cheese. I think this is fair for everyone to see. We had this side to ourselves, the second ball, duels and the other side to us – an exciting team. We have to get the performance for 90 minutes.

I thought he was brilliant. Ruben came in and we’ve worked very hard with Ruben in terms of the information I want to give him and him as a player and how he can make a huge impact this year. Sometimes I feel like Ruben has a tendency for games to let him go by, but today was all we talked to him about. He came and made a difference and looked like a top-top player in every way. He came on the ball, was brave, scored a goal and was dynamic. If you get him between the lines every now and then, he has the raw skills. He’ll be big for us this year. He has to keep working and listening to what we tell him, but no doubt he will keep improving.

Same as what we’ve been saying all year. This is an amazing group, the players who were with us last year bonded and they will do everything in their power to keep improving and understanding (which we need to do) and that will continue. We can lose soccer games and I am judged by it, I get it, but I don’t think anyone will ever point a finger or tarnish us by saying that the players will not play or show that for me or this soccer club. Every time they step on the field they will keep learning, making mistakes, and the gap is sometimes great as the quality of the players and games comes up. There is no doubt. With the drive and work ethic to keep improving as a team, we will be heading in the right direction.

He’s played the first couple of games and we’ve spent a lot of time with him over the past few weeks to understand what I want for the team and what he can do for himself. He has to keep grasping it.

You couldn’t have written it if it slipped and missed. . . It was amazing to think about. All I can say is that over the past 10 days we have put everything in order and worked tirelessly to prepare and understand the process. Ivan is an exceptional penalty taker and the last time I was in this situation with Ade I was angry and disappointed with how we missed it, but today these things can happen. Disappointed of course, but he slipped, it was one of those things.

At this moment there is no denying that we have a small problem regarding the penalty takers and where we are. We had four penalties this season and we missed three. As with anything, whether it is a penalty or a mistake, you always have to work on it and it is an element that we will look at and it will be an ongoing process. We will keep working and see who is the best at this moment to get a penalty against this team.

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World News – UK – Every word Scott Parker said about the penalty kick and Loftus-Cheek’s performance



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