World News – UK – WWE Survivor Series: Gobbledy Gooker wins the championship 30 years after his debut


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The Gobbledy Gooker fell into the wrestling disgrace over Thanksgiving after weeks of hype about the contents of a mysterious giant egg that was about to hatch.

The giant turkey – with legend Hector Guerrero in costume – has gone down in WWE folklore as one of the company’s biggest missteps.

With today’s show celebrated 30 years after The Undertaker came out that same night, the promotion gave its past a weird nod as the Gobbledy Gooker made a big comeback.

As if that wasn’t enough, the big bird won his first title in the company by rolling up the 24/7 Champion R-Truth – who featured his featherweight enemy during a great section on the Kickoff Show where he did thought The celebrations were for the cub.

In a way, the moment of comic relief was still a nod to the dead person who has admitted in the past that he was afraid of being exposed as the man under the outfit.

« About the time I got my call they were doing this promotion where they had this giant egg on set on the show for three or four weeks in a row, » he said, telling « Stone Cold » Steve Austin on The Broken Skull Sessions.

« So this egg appears on the show, right? And suddenly my mind starts to say, « Oh man, they’re going to bring me in » – the gimmicks were just as fancy back then – « I’ll be Egg Man. ”

« I had convinced myself to the point where my stomach ached that I was going to be the Egg Man. «  »

Oh, how different the wrestling world could have been – but at least Gooker finally got his moment in the sun, even if everything could change again by the end of the night.

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World News – GB – WWE Survivor Series: Gobbledy Gooker wins the championship 30 years after his debut
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