World News – USA – Five Things You Should Know About Bachelor Candidate Kit Keenan


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The leading man Matt James is ready to fall in love. Commercial real estate agent and Tyler Cameron’s best friend will have 32 ladies vying for his heart.

While it doesn’t look like this season will have two bachelors – unlike the two women who made a splash in The Bachelorette’s final season – the drama will be plentiful.

One of the women looking for love is Kit Keenan, and the 21-year-old is already making waves online.

Here’s everything you need to know about NYC’s blonde beauty who has already been crowned « princess » by another constant.

Keenan is the daughter of designer Cynthia Rowley and sculptor William Keenan Jr. . who have since split up. She is an only child. It looks like she is following in her mother’s footsteps: She is described as a « fashion entrepreneur » in her official show biography. The mother-daughter duo will jointly host a podcast entitled “Ageless. ”

« She has found that most of the men she meets are below her maturity level, and although she is only 21, she is very ready for serious engagement, » says her bio.

James is 29. However, host Chris Harrison said Keenan was « sincere » in her efforts to find a husband.

Keenan was born and raised in NYC. She lives with her parents in the West Village and recently graduated from New York University. That’s a good sign for James, who also lives in Manhattan. Harrison described her as a « socialite ». ”

« Kit had sent boxes and boxes of outfits to where we shot the show, » said Harrison. « Easily the best-dressed, perhaps the best-dressed woman we’ve ever had. ”

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World News – United States – Five Things You Should Know About Bachelor Candidate Kit Keenan