World news – Warriors hold back Raptors 106-105 on Curry night


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Damion Lee converted the free throws by 3.3 seconds and the Golden State Warriors weathered a tough fourth quarter to hold off the Toronto Raptors 106-105 on Sunday night despite unusual fights from Stephen Curry.

Curry shot 2 of 16 and missed nine of his 10 3 for 11 points after scoring 143 points in his last four games, including a career high of 62 a week earlier against Portland.

« My offense, me expect it to be there every night, « said Curry. « With the way teams can defend night after night and find out because we only have trust across the board, no matter who is out there on the ground, I like where we are right now. »

Pascal Siakam missed a jumper when the buzzer sounded but ended on 25 points, and Fred VanVleet scored 21 for Toronto in a rematch of the 2019 NBA Finals, which the Raptors won in six games.

« It went in and out, pretty clean, « said Raptors trainer Nick Nurse of Siakam’s last look.

The Raptors challenged Kyle Lowry beyond the right side of the arch, who originally gave Lee three shots. The review found that the foul was before the shot – the third game replayed in the last 34.4 seconds. All three calls were confirmed.

Andrew Wiggins had 17 points and ended his career with four blocked shots when Golden State played an out of 17 game against an opponent who broke a franchise record of 144 points in Sacramento on Friday , almost wasted.

Kent Bazemore gave the go-ahead at 1:06 to play for Golden State before VanVleet knocked a sweater down on the other end.

Curry turned the ball around 34.4 seconds ahead and that went to review. Lowry missed a 3-point try and Golden State got another chance with 7.6 ticks on the clock – another rating that found it to be Warriors Ball.

Lowry missed the game on Friday personal reasons, but returned and contributed 17 points, nine rebounds and six assists. His layup with 7:13 remaining drew the Raptors within 94-90. VanVleet’s 4:05 p.m. basket made it a one-point game before Kelly Oubre Jr. hit his first 3-pointer of the night shortly thereafter.

Eric Paschall scored on a night when the Warriors reserves Scored 46 points, 15 points from the bench. Lee had 13 with three 3s. Late in the third round, the Golden State defense showed how much it meant to the Warriors: Toronto pulled a 24-second injury in one possession and Yuta Watanabe was knocked out the next the game. Toronto posted another shot watch sales in the fourth.

« We have enough talent, enough guns to overcome poor shooting performance, » said Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

For their « Educators Night » The Warriors invited 50 fans from the unified school districts of Oakland and San Francisco to watch from their virtual fan section in the Chase Center and recognize them for their important work. Kaiser Permanente donated $ 40,000 to split it evenly between the districts.

Raptors: Chris Boucher had six blocks from the foul against his former team. … Toronto missed their first nine shots and their first five 3s. … The raptors are 1-5. … Toronto had won three times in a row, most recently beating the Warriors to secure a place in the playoffs in March 2020.

Krieger: Curry didn’t take his first shot until he hit a 12-foot Knight sank 2:50 in the first. … Draymond Green added 10 points, 10 assists and nine rebounds. … Wiggins did not train in the easy shootaround session on Saturday, but was likely despite a sore left quad – and he still hit double digits in every game.

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Moving up the property ladder can feel like a pipe dream, especially when you’re trying to do it yourself. Saving for that important 10% deposit is one thing, but then there are the various other inevitable costs to be considered.
Of course, in some parts of the country it’s a little easier to take the plunge. Bradford is the cheapest place for individual buyers, according to a new study by Coulters Property that cracked the numbers in 30 of the UK’s largest cities.
The average price for a single bed in the city of West Yorkshire is £ 67,370. This means that a typical mortgage plus cost of living repayment would only gobble up 43% of the average monthly income there.
Derby, Belfast, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Stoke-on-Trent and Leicester are also relatively affordable for individual buyers. In any of these cities, a typical mortgage plus cost of living repayment would consume less than half the average monthly income.
At the other end of the scale, London is unsurprisingly cited as the least affordable city for individual shoppers. The average price for a single bed in the capital is a whopping £ 454,937 – more than four times what you would pay in Leeds, Liverpool or Glasgow.
What would be more frightening would be that a typical mortgage plus cost of living repayment in the capital would gobble up 97% of average monthly income. This makes it even more difficult to get from « mom and dad’s bank » to the property manager without help.
Brighton and Hove is the second lowest city for individual buyers. The average price for a single bed there is £ 249,902, which means that a typical mortgage repayment plus the cost of living would consume 76% of average monthly income.
The popular commuter town of Reading is not far behind with 69% of median monthly income. Check out the full results below.

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NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 30: Keyon (center left) and Kat Harrold (center right) attend a press conference held in New York City on December 30, 2020 in Lower Manhattan took place. After Harrold shared video footage of a white woman who assaulted his son and wrongly accused the boy of stealing her phone in a Manhattan hotel lobby, civil rights activists called for an end to ongoing racial profiling and injustice. (Photo by Scott Heins / Getty Images)
Miya Ponsetto, the white woman dubbed “SoHo Karen” on social media, was forcibly arrested in California this week. Her arrest comes after she racially profiled and assaulted 14-year-old Keyon Harrold Jr., son of Grammy-winning jazz musician Keyon Harrold, in a New York hotel lobby on December 26th. According to a spokesman for the Ventura County Sheriff, Ponsetto, who worked with the New York City Police Department, was faced with a traffic obstruction and pulled out of her vehicle when she refused to get out.
On the day of the attack, Keyon Harrold posted the video of the argument on his Instagram from Ponsetto and falsely accused his son of stealing her iPhone. « The lady in this video attacked my 14-year-old son and I when we were coming down from our room in Arlo SoHo to have breakfast, » he wrote in the caption. « That person » lost « their iPhone and it seems my son magically got it, which is just ridiculous. This incident lasted another five minutes and I was protecting my son from this lunatic. She scratched me; she grabbed him and grabbed him. He’s a kid !!  »
Show this post on Instagram A post from Keyon Harrold (@keyonharrold)
Shortly after, the clip hit social media as people were outraged not only by the hotel’s lack of intervention during the attack, but also by the unfounded allegations and attacks. People drew comparisons to Amy Cooper, a Karen who called the police on a black man in Central Park last year and falsely reported that he was threatening her. An online petition from civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump received more than 100,000 signatures. The hotel released a statement on the incident on Dec. 27 and wrote via an Instagram post: “No Arlo guest – or anyone – should be subjected to this type of behavior. We apologize to Mr. Harrold and his son for this inexcusable behavior.  »
A few days later, the NYPD posted the hotel’s footage of the racially motivated attack on Twitter and asked the public for help in finding Ponsetto. In the footage, Ponsetto attacks the teenager, who has his back to her, then grabs his waist and grabs him to the floor. She fled the hotel before officers arrived at the scene, according to the NYPD. Shortly thereafter, Ponsetto’s attorney confirmed that she had left her cell phone in an Uber car, which the driver returned after the incident.
But despite the continued threat of police involvement prior to her arrest, Ponsetto wasn’t afraid to use her whites as a weapon again – this time to protect it with her latinidad. In a video circulated on Jan. 2, a reporter caught Ponsetto leaving a Mcdonald in California and asked her a few questions about the attack. « Are you afraid that the police are looking for you, » asked the reporter. “Are you concerned about the warrant? Why did you do that? [Harrold] is young. « With a carefree look on his face, Ponsetto turned to the camera and quickly threw himself in. » I’m actually 22 so I don’t know what the problem is – and I’m Puerto Rican too, so thank you, « Ponsetto said.
The problem is clear, however. Being a white Latina doesn’t excuse you from being racist just because Latinidad falls under the umbrella of “POC”. Ponsetto’s assumption that being identified as a Puerto Rican justifies her actions is invalid because Latinx is not a race. You can be Latinx and still be a Karen. Let it be known that Harrold Jr. is also of Puerto Rican descent. At the grassroots, white Latinas like Miya Ponsetto benefit from white privileges, but they will use this privilege to decide when or not to demonize black people in the white spaces they accept as their own. Then they will use the same Latinx identity and exploit the oppression of other Latinx people to defend their racist actions. But if an officer got to the scene at the time of the incident, they wouldn’t see two Puerto Ricans: they would see a white woman accusing a black young man – and historically we know how that story goes.
Let’s not forget the deep-seated racism in Latin American cultures, stemming from a long history of colonization, assimilation, and the preservation of whiteness that is ingrained in people to this day. Ponsetto armed her Puerto Rican ethnicity in an attempt to suggest that she did not have the power to racially profile a black teenager. “How does a girl accuse a man as a crime over a phone? What’s the deeper story here? « Ponsetto asked Gayle King on CBS this morning before she was arrested – and asked how racist her actions were. According to King, Ponsetto insisted that the interview was not racial. This is similar to when George Zimmerman, a white man, Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, shot dead and Zimmerman and his family used his Peruvian heritage to imply that Martin’s murder was not racially motivated.
Despite mounting racist tensions in the United States and the fate of many blacks – including black Latinos – by racist police officers and the injustice of how differently violence is used when black and brown people peacefully protest for justice compared to white Trump supporters, terrorizing the US capital, white Puerto Rican women like Ponsetto are still determined to use their whites to endanger a black Puerto Rican teenager. Ponsetto allegedly claimed she wanted to apologize to the Harrold family and her lawyer said she had « anger management issues and anxiety ». Still, their comments not only undermine the gravity of their attack on a black minor, but also ignore and continue the eradication of Keyon Harrold Jr.’s own Latindad. In an attempt to use her identity to protect herself, she showed us that white privilege in Latinidad is very real and it is dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands.
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In my 20s and early 30s, I often went on vacation with my mother. This time was always something very special for me and only now did I realize why.

Locals like a leisurely start to the day, but also enjoy parks, beaches and brunch spots – so you can recreate your own Spanish Sunday

« We make sure that the children understand all the sacrifices you all make … »

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« I think the internet thinks a lot of things, and that’s one of the nicer things. »

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Baron / Shutterstock (10112926rn)
Amy Adams
Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – February 24th 2019
When 20th Century Studios shared the first trailer for The Woman in the Widow, fans of the thriller genre and enthusiastic Amy Adams fans alike were excited to see what fate awaited the hideous protagonist. Now, after more than a year in limbo, the fast-paced psychological thriller is finally being released on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.
The Joe Wright film, an adaptation of the A.J. The novel of the same name Finn (real name Dan Mallory) plays Adams as the main character Dr. Anna Fox. Dr. Fox is confined to her home because of her great fear of going outside. Her daily human-watching routine takes a dangerous turn when she sees her neighbor (Julianne Moore) brutally assaulted and murdered. What follows is a frightening series of events that push the doctor to the limits of her own sanity as she races against the clock to discover the truth behind the gruesome scene.

Interestingly, the high-stakes film’s dramatic adaptation pales in comparison to the firestorm that surrounds the book’s author. Mallory, who made his literary debut on the New York Times bestseller in 2018, was at the center of a massive controversy for essentially fictionalizing his entire biography. Among other things, he told the world that he was educated at Oxford (he wasn’t) and that his mother had died of cancer (she is still alive). The exposure of his many lies baffled the literary community, but it didn’t stop Mallory from making his way into the publishing world. He sold the rights to his debut novel in a two-book, $ 2 million deal with 20th Century Studios.
The release of Woman in the Window was originally planned for late 2019, but several factors delayed the premiere by more than a year. Early test screenings of the film resulted in several re-recordings; Wright revealed to EW that the script needed revision because the test audience initially found the plot “confusing” and “too obscure” to follow. By the time filming was completed, the coronavirus pandemic was already in full swing, forcing the studio to postpone the film for a few more months so it could potentially be released in theaters when the world was safer again. In August 2020, Netflix showed interest in acquiring the title, and the streaming platform reached an agreement with 20th Century Studios that The Woman in the Window would be released to subscribers who could watch it from the comfort of their homes. The film will premiere in the first half of 2021.
« I’m very interested to see how people react to the film and I can’t wait for it to be released, » Wright told EW. “What I hope people will get away with is the feeling that our own fears can lock us up. And this is a story about a woman who manages to overcome her own fears and leave them behind.  »
Do you like what you see? How about a little more R29 grade, right here? Amy Adams just found her gone girl. The best psychological thrillers on NetflixAll Hollywood films affected by coronavirus

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After a stressful and traumatic week for many, we can expect a mental change on Monday when the messenger Mercury enters into a connection with the expansive Jupiter. This transit helps us to exchange great ideas and plan for the future. Discuss your options with friends and colleagues to make the most of this joint event. Try to keep up and take things slow on Tuesday as fast Mercury retrograde creates a square with chaotic Uranus. It is easier for us to cross our signals when we work with others. So take a little extra time to make sure you know all the facts before starting a new project. Many of us may be looking for a way to move forward or find the will to keep working towards our goals, and Wednesday presents an opportunity as the emotion-ruling moon in resolute Capricorn begins a new cycle in which we ourselves feel reflected. This new moon forms a connection with mighty Pluto, which gives power to our manifestations. It might be tempting to switch to attack mode on this day, as the warrior planet Mars forms a square with the rules-setting Saturn. Instead, do your best to harness the energy of this transit to plan how best to protect yourself from unexpected challenges, and practice mindfulness as these powerful planets compete against each other. There are better ways to spend your time on Wednesday than jumping into a Facebook fight – for example, to get in touch with your creative side. Play with your aesthetic, flirt, and socialize as the charming Venus trines retrograde with the enigmatic Uranus. Now is the time to live in the moment. We have the chance to make significant changes in our lives starting Thursday, as Uranus, the planet of innovation, is stationed right in the trusted Taurus. It’s the perfect time to reflect on how we have stagnated in our lives since mid-August when Uranus began its backward movement. We are now equipped with the resources we need to move forward and we are being freed from Uranus’ powerful energy. It’s time to make changes and roll with the beats. The ego-ruling sun also creates a connection with force-focused Pluto on Thursday, enhancing the week’s introspective energy. It is time to look inside ourselves and uncover our darkest secrets. Work on gaining greater self-image and developing yourself during this transit. Aries March 21st to April 19th Are you thirsty for knowledge, Aries? You may want to add a new reading practice to your days that begins Monday when the routinely ruling Mercury connects with the philosophical Jupiter. If books aren’t your thing, you may be more drawn to an audiobook or podcast to help expand your mind while you go about your chores. The inland ruling moon will begin a new cycle in disciplined Capricorn on Wednesday, encouraging you to set intentions regarding your personal space. You can discover a new neighborhood or city that will grab your attention when this new moon connects with transformative Pluto. You may be at work in front of yourself on this day as ruling Mars forms a square with status-oriented Saturn. Instead, use this transit to organize and prepare for your next big project. If you bite off more than you can chew, you may not be able to deal with the consequences. So just say yes to what is possible. Taurus April 20th to May 20th Try not to avoid jerky reactions at work, Taurus. The money-ruling Mercury creates a declining square with the career-ruling Uranus on Tuesday. In situations where you need to evaluate your worth, gather all the facts and make sure you have clear communication with clients or managers before committing to change. However, you are ready to tackle some exciting new developments in your professional life starting Thursday when status-ruling Uranus stations work right inside the trusted Taurus. Look back at how you have expanded your skills since mid-August, when Uranus was stationed in the retrograde, and consider where you would like to advance in your career. You could learn a lot about yourself that day as your domestic sun connects with the passionate Pluto in your 9th house of exploration, adventure and faith. Use this transit to focus on self-sufficiency and encourage your wanderlust. Research short trips or hikes that you can take to clear your mind. Gemini May 21st to June 20th Can you feel your emotions bubbling up, Gemini? Let them out on Monday when reigning Mercury connects with loving Jupiter. If you are in a relationship this is a lovely day to celebrate your bond. Single? You can make the most of this transit by sharing your light with friends and family. It could also be the right time to reach out to someone special who will make you smile – deepen your connection as these planets complement each other. Plant a seed to aid your financial goals on Wednesday when your money-conscious moon begins a new cycle in hard-working Capricorn. You could be on your way to a helpful new nest egg as this new moon connects to the routine ruling Pluto. Prioritize your health and look inward on Thursday as the ego-ruling sun connects with wellness-oriented Pluto in your 8th house of transformation, mystery, and dramatic change. A metamorphosis is coming – take control. Cancer June 21st to July 22nd Open your thoughts to what is possible cancer. It is time to strengthen yourself from within on Monday, when the spiritually ruling Mercury connects with the wellness-oriented Jupiter. Take the time to learn about self-care practices that are in line with your beliefs as these planets support each other so you can stand up straight. Are you setting new goals? Remember, you have what it takes to succeed on Wednesday when your ruling moon begins a new cycle in ambitious Capricorn. Bring joy back into the equation as you chase your new destination – this new moon connects with entertainment-loving Pluto and helps you see the brighter side of things. You could be on your way to strengthening an existing relationship starting Thursday as the money-ruling sun in your seventh house creates a connection with lust-seeking Pluto of partnerships, contracts, and deals. Work doesn’t have to be boring and can be very stimulating if you find the right match. Leo July 23rd to August 22nd Have you pushed one of your projects into the background, Leo? It’s time to spend time working on what you really love on Wednesday when career-ruling Venus trine retrograde with passionate Uranus. Get out of your comfort zone and experiment with new ways to turn your dreams into reality. Your love life will get a significant boost from Thursday – whether single or connected – when uranus stations play with affection directly in the warm-hearted Taurus. The planet of change is moving forward, helping to bring all sorts of new excitement to your romantic world. If you have pondered how to keep your New Year’s resolutions up, you will be assisted on Thursday by the connection of your ruling sun in your 6th House of Health, Order, and Service, and domestically ruling Pluto. You have all the tools to achieve your goals if you can stay focused during this helpful transit. Virgo August 23rd to September 22nd You are ready for anything when inspiration comes, Virgo. First, plan your next big step on Monday, when ambitious Mercury connects with inland ruling Jupiter. Make sure you have a quiet and clean place to work beforehand so you don’t get distracted. If you are in a relationship, you can crash into your partner on Wednesday when sensual Mars forms a square with lust-seeking Saturn. If you have a disagreement about what you want to receive, make sure you can communicate your desires with compassion. Single? It can be difficult to say what you want during this transit, so work out your feelings by speaking them out. You may not know what is causing your frustration until you do some research. Have you got used to a particular schedule since mid-August? Get ready for some new excitement to come from Thursday, when routine ruling Uranus stations walk straight into safety-loving Taurus. The planet of innovation and change is ready to turn things upside down on your schedule and you will be there to find new solutions. Libra September 23rd to October 22nd Speak your truth, Libra. You are invited to share your feelings on Monday when Mercury, who rules inner growth, connects with communicative Jupiter. Connect with people who want to share your positive energy and nurture your sweet spirit. Think about what career goals you would like to achieve on Wednesday when your status-conscious moon begins a new cycle in hard-working Capricorn. It is important that you look to the future as this new moon connects to the monetary planet Pluto. How can you grow your business? How would you like to grow as an individual? These are questions to ask yourself when setting an intention. Your attention is focused on creating support in your home on Thursday when the ego-ruling sun in your 4th house of family, instincts, and foundations connects with money-ruling Pluto. Spend time learning the pros and cons of your finances during this transformative transit – you can learn a lot about new options available to you and your loved ones. Scorpio October 23rd to November 21st Are you ready for a change, Scorpio? At home, you might experience some exciting surprises when loving Venus trines retrograde with homely Uranus on Wednesday. It’s a good day to take baby steps to turn your bedroom into a magical haven and nurture your sensual side. If you’ve been thinking about completely changing your life situation, then you have the chance to take a giant step starting Thursday when the inland ruling Uranus stations go straight to Resolute Taurus. Look back to mid-August when the planet of innovation was turning back and inspiring you to ponder your options. Now that Uranus is directly moving, you can help initiate changes that you have been thinking about since then. Listen to your instincts at work on Thursday when the career-dominating sun connects with ruling Pluto in your third house of communication, thought, and fellowship. It’s time to get your ideas out there – present them with confidence. Sagittarius November 22nd to December 21st The squeaky wheel gets the fat, Sagittarius. You have the opportunity to create a splash in your career on Monday when the ambitious Mercury forges a bond with the ruling Jupiter. Colleagues are ready to listen to your ideas and work with you as these planets connect. Speak and listen. It might be tempting to make substantial demands on Wednesday but hold back. It is in your best interest to do your research and come up with an organized plan to ask what you need on Wednesday when the warrior planet Mars forms a square with money-ruling Saturn. You will have a better understanding of what is considered a necessity on Thursday when the ego-ruling sun connects with the inner growth of ruling Pluto in your second home of finances, values, and possessions. Now is the time to think sustainably. Capricorn December 22nd to January 19th How would you like to be loved, Capricorn? Whether you are single or related, you have the option of choosing how you would like to receive love by setting an intention on Wednesday when your affectionate moon begins a new cycle in fragile Capricorn. This new moon also connects with mighty Pluto and asks you to look from within in order to embark on this transformation. The career-conscious Venus also makes a trine with the money-ruling Uranus in regression on Wednesday. The pairing of these planets will help bring grace to the words so that you can begin the negotiations. Then, prepare to receive abundance and opportunity starting Thursday when money conscious Uranus stations are right in Taurus. Be ready to do the work and make change as the planet of innovation advances. Aquarius January 20th to February 18th Are you ready for a change, Aquarius? Get ready to spice up your schedule by setting the intention to create more transformative days on Wednesday when your routine ruling moon begins a new cycle in stubborn Capricorn. This new moon could help you find new career opportunities as it connects with career-dominating Pluto. Start stretching on Thursday as you will be challenged to become flexible as you rule Uranus stations right in resolute Taurus. You have been given the opportunity to initiate the changes you have been thinking about since the planet of innovation was stationed in reverse in mid-August. You may be drawn to more meaningful work by Thursday when the loving sun in your 12th house of inner growth, vulnerability, and inference connects with status-oriented Pluto. Make sure when you are ready to take a step that it is in line with your morale. Pisces February 19 to March 20 Are you hiding your presents, Pisces? Consider sharing it with the world on Monday, when passionate Mercury connects with career-ruling Jupiter. People are especially receptive to big ideas because these planets complement each other – take a leap in confidence. Be patient with loved ones and get ready to encounter some bumps in the road on Tuesday when inland Mercury creates a retrograde square with dynamic Uranus. The clash of these planets can create confusion and delays in even the most organized homes. Take the pressure off by preparing a simple meal for dinner or order takeaway to calm your nerves. Sit back and relax to shake off that energy. Meditate on what goals you would like to achieve on Wednesday when your creatively ruling moon begins a new cycle in focused Capricorn. You could be breaking new ground on a project as this new moon connects with the transformative Pluto. Like what you see How about a little more R29 grade, right here? Your career horoscope for 2021 is here. Your love horoscope for 2021 is here. Your X-rated horoscope for 2021 is here